Monday, June 08, 2015

Meeting no: 177


Theme: Never Stop Trying.

Word of the Day: Perseverance.
UMTMC Members Pointing at
New Term President CC Jacky Wong.

Toastmasters Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most important part of
 Toastmasters Club.
University Malaya Toastmaster's  AGM meeting was on 1st June 2015. In this meeting elections are done to elect a new committee for the next year. 

The meeting was divided into two parts , 1st half the normal meeting was conducted with tabla topics session, prepared speech session and evaluation. In second session AGM was conducted.
In the beginning of AGM, president took charge and delivered her report followed by committee members who presented their reports on the various aspects of their duties. 
They explained about hardships, successes, management and challenges the faced during their term.

After the presentation of report election took place. Before announcing new Exco team,
many thanks to old committee members and their dedication. Thank you for your hard work for making UMTMC a great place to learn and grow.

Congratulation to new committee members.

The new committee members of term 2015 and 2016 are:

 From Right CC Jacky Wong (President), TM Tineesha(VPE), TM Sam Win(VPM),
TM Elisha (VPPR)TM Kar Mei SecretaryTM Amalia (Treasurer). 

President: CC Jacky Wong.

Vice President Education (VPE): TM Tineesha.

Vice President Membership
 (VPM):TM Sam Win

Vice President Public Relations
 (VPPR): TM Elisha

Secretary: TM Kar Mei

Treasurer: TM Amalia

 (SAA): TM Yee Yuan (Jacob)

Committee Members: ACG Jing Yi , TM Kah Mun, 
ACB CL Sara, ACB CL Fatima.

New Selected Exco Team.

New Committee Members Names Written on Whiteboard.
Elected President Jacky Wong Presenting his First Acceptance Speech.

Congratulation to the new Exco team, we do appreciate your desire to learn and
 commitment to making this club grow and thrive.

Well Done Everyone!!!

Meeting started with the message of Perseverance.
A key aspect of success in any field is working toward goals, learning from failures and never giving up. 
If a goal is of paramount importance to us we have to learn to pursue it with vigor. 
So no matter the trials or obstacles stick to your goals.
Don’t give up. Persistence is one key aspect that will keep on the path toward the success you so deserve.(Joseph Guarino)

In UMTMC we work together toward our goals of learning public speaking and gaining leadership skills in under a good fellowmen ship.
We pursue our club goals, and stick with our core values - integrity, dedication to excellence, service to members and respect for the individual.
These values are worthy of great organisation and these are anchor points in every decision we make.
Electing new team means persistently we're working on the path to achieve success.

TME TM Sam Win.
The meeting was started by the jovial host  TME TM Sam Win . The enthusiastic TME conducted the entire meeting smoothly in an pleasant atmosphere.

1st Session of the Evening -- The Table Topics Session .

Table Topics Master Guest TM Ricky.
Table Topics Master TM Ricky with a winning smile bought in some interesting table topics.

Table Topics Participants.
TM Amalia, TM Tineesha and TM Kah Mun. 

Guest and Members.

Audience During Table Topics Session

2nd Session of the Evening -- The Project Speech Session .

 TM Amalia.
The first speaker of  the evening  TM Amalia did her sixth CC Project Speech  called,
 "A Day in  an Orphanage".

CC Jacky Wong

The second speaker CC Jacky Wong did speech from ACS Project Speeches - Technical Presentation, Titled, "Friction Losses in Pipes and Fitting". 

3rd Session of the Evening -- The Evaluation Session .

GE Srinivas.

GE of the evening Srinivas, came in with lots of positive energy. GE reviewed and assessed the meeting and gave his opinion on members performance. 

Thank you for Evaluating!!!

Table Topics Evaluator ACG ALB,  Heng Jing Yi.

Role Players.

 Timer TM Elisha , Grammarian ACB CL, Wei Chin,
Ah Counter Guest.

Awards Session.

The Winners of the Evening……

- For Tonight's Meeting We have Two Table Topics Winners -

Table Topics Winner - TM Tineesha  and TM Kah Mun.
Congratulation to Both Winners!!!

We Heart Them!!!

Table Topics Winner - TM Tineesha .

Table Topics Winner - TM  Kah Mun. 

Presenting Awards of Appreciation

Presenting Awards of Appreciation to GE  Srinivas.

Later that night Toastmasters District 51 Pins "Together We Rise" ,were distributed among members of club.

District 51 Pins
"Together We Rise".
Presenting Pins To Members.
Presenting Pins To Members.

Proud Members showing their District 51 Pins.

Division W's R.I.S.E Higher Achievement Awards for Term 2014/2015.

Competent Communicator Achiever Award.

Exclusive Division W Pouch for First 2 x Competent Communicator for the Term in 
Contributing 1 to 2 DCP Point(s) for Club. 

Competent Communicator Achiever
President CC, Nur Shafinas and VPE CC, Jacky Wong
Presenting Exclusive Division W Pouch to Each Other.

Advanced Communication Achiever Award.

Limited edition Division W's Elegant name Card Cases 
(for each of Clubs Advanced Communication Achievers for the Term in

Contributing 1 to 2 DCP Point(s) for Club).

Advanced Communication Achievers ACB CL, Wei Chin, ACB CL, Sara and ACB CL Fatima. 

Division W's R.I.S.E Higher Achievement Awards.

UMTMC's New Exco Team and Members.

UMTMC Members Showing Sign "P" for President.

Continuous Effort -
Not Strength or Intelligence -

Is the Key to Unlocking Our True Potential.

Thank you every one for your time, energy, efforts and commitment. 
This meeting was the last meeting for this term. Next term will start around the second week of September.

Congratulation to New Exco and all the best for the new term 2015-2016. We are looking forward new term of success under the leadership of CC Jacky Wong and his team.

Special Thanks to our beloved Club President Nur Shafinas and all of her team for bringing success to our home club, "University Malay Toastmaster Club."

Thank You 
Cheers To All !!!!

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